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Arvind Kumar Chaubey

Born in Rihand Nagar, Arvind has traveled widely from UP to UK. Currently he is in Pearl City- Hyderabad, working in Capegemini Consulting. Earlier he worked with Infosys for more than 6 years a Technology Analyst. Starting from a small town, Rihand Nagar and then moving to London, he has witnessed diversity of culture, education, and living style. He is actively involved in many NGOs and trying to contribute towards nation-building.

As a co-founder, he has seen Divaswapna growing from a small kid to a young boy. He focuses on the operations and strategy for growth of Divaswapna. His hobbies include travelling, online games and photography.

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Alok Kumar

Alok was born in a small village in Buxar in Bihar. No electrictity, no pucca roads – filled his early childhood with true colors of rural India.With father in a transferable government job,Alok got an opportunity to enjoy the Bengali culture with Bengali Rasogulla and maach-bhat and explor the adivasi lifestyle of Sonebhadra district,U.P. After graduating from IIT BHU in 2005 and working in companies like Wipro and Indus Valley Partners, he is currently employed with United HealthGroup, Gurgaon.

Bitten by the bug of social entrepreneurship and with a strong passion to contribute towards nation building, he is one of the founding members of Divaswapna. He enjoys exploring and understanding the education systems and frameworks of different countries. He focuses on the educational infrastructure of the organization.

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Dulali Malakar

Being born in a family that believed girls to be a burden on the shoulder, Dulali was not allowed to complete her education. She was married before she could reach 7th grade.

When she tried to convince her in-laws to allow her to continue her education, they burned her books and didn't allow her to step out. Since then she vowed to provide better education to children and protect them from facing the similar conditions. With no academic qualifications by her side, she started developing her teaching methods and to experiment the same, she started giving private tuitions at her home. Soon she was swarmed by kids from nearby areas.

She played a key role in setting up the Dream World at Sonebhadra district in Uttar Pradesh, and today she is the caretaker.

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Vibha Joshi

Vibha brings 8 years of her experience with Jagriti Yatra, an NGO to promote entrepreneurship among youth. She headed Selections, along with overlooking programming and operations for the Yatra. Previously she worked with pharmaceutical MNCs in the area of Research and Product development. She holds a Master’s degree in Microbiology from the Mumbai University.

As one of the core team members, she is passionate about desigining a ‘fun-filled’curriculum for the Day-dreamers and taking care of our human resources.A qualified news reader for All India Radio, keen astronomer and music lover she has a strong passion for children's education and believes in the vision of Divaswapna.

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Heena Jethanandani

Heena is trained be a Footwear Technologist and worked with a few top footwear brands. Coming from the corporate, she got carried away into the world of Social Change. Previously, she worked with Kaivalya Education Foundation and Jagriti Yatra. She is keenly interested in social issues and environment. Look into her bag and you will find Beads (she chants), Books and Bottle (water).

As a core team member of Divaswapna, she heads the social media She loves photography, painting and travelling. In her neighbourhood recently she is known as Compostwali.

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Adarsh Shekhar

Born in Bihar and brought up in Jharkhand, Adarsh spent his childhood in a small neighborhood, away from the glitz and glamor of a big city. A firm believer in 'one step at a time', he moved to Ranchi, Jharkhand for his 10+2, and then to IIT Kharagpur for his undergraduate degree. Currently, he is pursuing PhD in Materials Science from University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. His passion for theater and acting, which originated in Kharagpur, led him to join 'Vidushak', an indian theater group at USC of which he is the president since 2009. A lower middle class upbringing has kept him rooted to Indian culture and values.
He is one of the core team members of Divaswapna. He looks after fundraising in the USA, and supports the team with new ideas to scale up the organization.

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Dheeraj Kumar

Currently, Dheeraj Kumar is pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT BHU. He hails from Gaya, and studied in JNV Gaya. He undrstands the importance of bringing quality education to the underserved communities as he himself was could attend the ‘unaffordable’ academic institutes because of scholarships he got right from the Class VI.He is passionated about working towards a better future of underprivileged children by bringing quality education to them.

He workd as an Intern at the Dream World for 2 months. Now he is one of the core team members, and plays a key role in the local operations and administrative reforms.

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Kriti Kumar

Born in Mumbai and brought up in Dubai. She moved back to her birthplace in 2007. She is currently pursuing Bachelor of Mass Media(BMM).She started dancing from the age of 7, and her passion for it has increased over the years. She danced her way to the stage of Boogie Woogie and has also participated in many other competitions. Her hobbies include travelling, writing, photography, mixing songs, sports and watching movies.

Being a fellow at Yes Foundation gave her the opportunity to be a part of the Divaswapna’s team.Inspired by the vision of Divaswapna, she joined the core team to build the communications stratgey of the organization.

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Ashutosh Kumar

Born and brought up in Bengal, Ashutosh hails from a small village of Bihar. And currently lives in the 'maximum city'. After graduating from IIT Kharagpur in 2007, he joined a software firm in Chennai and worked there for almost a year. The realisation that this is not his cup of tea dawned upon him soon, and he left his plush corporate career to explore something exciting and meaningful. He joined Jagriti Yatra to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth of nation. He led the Yatra for 3 years. Now he is on the Board of Jagriti, helping the organization with the growth strategy. The colors of the rural and urban India have shaped his personality. He has great passion for nation-building.

He is one of the co-founders of Divaswapna, and looks after the fundraising and sustainability of the organization. Theatre, travelling, and reading books are his hobbies.