Dream World

“There are some people who believe in
a dream world, and there are some who
face reality; and then there are those who
turn one into the other.”

We believe there are three important pillars in the education system - Students, Teachers and Parents. Only by influencing these three ‘pillars’ can we hope for any change. With this thought, we set up the first Dream World in 2011 in Bijpur, Sonebhadra district, in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Day-dreamers (Students)

We have a simple philosophy at the Dream World – we let the dreams flourish, we let them fly, and learning happens on its own.
‘Learn with fun’ is at the heart of the methodology followed at our Dream World. Our objective is to change the traditional way of learning by putting a stop to the use of a chalk and blackboard to teach the students. Innovative tools are used to actively engage the Day-dreamers so as to maximize their learning.

Dream-catchers (Teachers)

We develop the skills in our Dream-catchers through regular training and by providing them the tools so that they can nurture the day-dreamer in every child at our Dream World. All our Dream-catchers are local passionate women who believe in bringing change through education.

Dream-nurturers (Parents)

As the Day-dreamers spend most of their time at home, we can’t achieve our mission without involving and influencing the parents, who nurture the dreams of their kids. We organize regular events and workshops to keep the parents abreast of the activities at our Dream World and get suggestions from them to improve ourselves.