Our Dream

Our dream is to provide quality education
at an affordable cost at the places where
it is needed the most.

The dream of Divaswapna starts with the dream of a young boy!

Let’s go back in time…

An 11-year- old school boy gets a Hindi copy of Divaswapna book as a prize after winning an elocution event in his school. Excited, he comes back home to show the prize to everyone, and spends the entire night flipping through the pages of the book. The story, in bits and pieces, found abode in the boy’s mind. Time flew, the boy stepped into the real word, and the book got buried somewhere. But not the story.

Many years later when the boy was pained to see the situation of education in his locality, he realized the need of bringing quality education in such areas where only few can afford the expensive private schools. He started looking for a solution. And during this search the buried book of Divaswapna surfaced in his mind. Another night was spent on the book. He experienced an inner sense of joy and ecstasy. The honesty and simplicity with which the story is written inspired him to look at the problem with fresh pair of eyes. Then came a team and thus was born Divaswapna.